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i just bought my first pair of stretchers. they're pretty small, i'm not sure what the gauge is, but definately bigger than my simple little stud holes.

i've got two piercings in each lobe, and i'm going to stretch the second ones. i want to leave the first for dangly-style earings.

now, i was just wondering if those of you who had a regular lobe piercing before you stretched prepped the hole before hand? or if you just pushed the stretcher through? i'm a huge wuss when it comes to pain, so i figured it would be wiser for me to prep the holes first, so i've got two studs through each of the holes. is that a good idea? bad idea?

i'm just getting into the whole body-mod thing, and i won't have much to play with for a long time, since i live at home and my mom's kind of strict about it.

my next plans are third set in my lobes and my nostril, as thats the only facial piercing i'm allowed to get. >.O oh well, i'll take what i can get, it was hard enough to get that out of her, lol.

anyways, if anybody can give me some tips on the stretching, that'd be great,
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