emoscarling (emoscarling) wrote in mod_girls,

Newbie!..doomdy doom

Hello ya'll. My name is Angela, just joined this communtity, though it was time for a little introduction.
I am obsessed with piercings, tattoos and other forms of body mods. Have been since I was at least 5yr. old. I just barelly, finally, got a bit of a taste of it. About a month ago I got my eyebrow pierced. Took me forever to convince the parental. And now, for my 16th birthday(in 2 months) I get a tattoo. I plan on taking some pictures to show you some of my new mods shortly. (Lack of camera at the moment <.>)
There are many other modfications I plan to get through out the years, I'm hoping for 2 different one each year though. I'm thinking about getting my nipple done, if any one here has that done, let me know how painful it was and how hard it was to take care of it. Tell me if it's worth it, in other words.
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