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red ink sensitivity?

so, this past saturday, i got a new tattoo, and it has a large ammount of solid red areas. the blue and black in the tattoo are healing very nicely, but the areas of red dont seem to be doing so well. they seem to be scabbing much more thickly than the other colors, but i can see parts of where the scabbing has cracked, the skin looks okay underneath. it is also much more sore than the otehr colors. Ive been reading that reds can cause some problems in some people, but im unclear as to where my case lies in seriousness as most informational sites dont really show images of problematic areas... The other tattoos i have dont have red in them(one has magenta, the other has browns/ochres, but no pure reds) and they were both on the back of me, so i coudnt really see them THAT much when they were healing, so im not totally sure this didnt happen to them, but they both healed nicely. So im wondering from what i have described, does it seem like this is normal for a red? do you think it will heal okay? is there anything i should do to make it less icky? ive hear antihistamine ointments can help, but im not so sure about how true this is. Has this happened to anyone else? advice please? thanks

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